Integrate Service Desk Plus with external systems

Many enterprises working on Service Desk Plus communicate with third parties using external applications. This sort of behaviour may be very profitable in terms of business logic but it also brings some inconvenience. The main disadvantage of this solution is a necessity to manually rewrite each and every information from one system to another. This way the same work is being done twice, which is a waste of company’s resources.
To solve the problem we have created SDP Bridge – an application that connects Service Desk Plus with external systems. Thanks to SDP Bridge exchanging information is a piece of cake.

How it works?

Bridge_working scheme
SDP Bridge allows two-way communication bewteen Service Desk Plus and chosen external system. Wheter the communicate is transmitted from SDP or from an external system, after it is sent it may be updated and send back to the source system. Thanks to that there is no more need to manually rewrite any information from one app to another.


Resources savings

When using SDP Bridge you improve the process of communication between two apps, which helps you save both time and money

Positive company’s image

Thanks to SDP Bridge a communication with third parties gets smoother, which creates even more positive image of your company

Intuitive navigation

The design of our system is based on industry’s fresh trends and this is why it is so easy to use

Full customization

We are aware that each enterprise has its own specific needs, that is why we are open to customize the product so it works exactly as you want it

Best technology

The app was created in ASP .NET MVC with use of MS Sql Server  database – all of that assures the highest quality

Professional technical support

SDP Bridge team takes care so the system works efficiently


Existing integrations
Ticket systems
  • JIRA
Optional integrations
  • Live chat systems
  • SCCM
  • SupportCenter Plus
  • Mantis Bug Tracker
  • Other systems


We provide
  • pre-implementation consulting
  • fast and smooth remote installation
  • post-implementation tests
  • professional technical support
  • willingness for further cooperation
In order to obtain more information about SDP Bridge, please contact us!